October 17, 2011

Spectre review

This post was written by Zeeba Eeta, I am just publishing it.


Hello! I am "Zeeba Eata" which is ,with good spelling, Zeebra Eater. Anyway, I will be doing an all around review of Nerf's Spectre Rev-5. Here is a picture of the Spectre Rev-5:

The picture you are looking at, is a modded version of the SR-5. As you can see, there is no visual difference between the unmodded S. Rev-5 and the modded Rev-5. So in HvZ, you might get away with it if you pad the plunger enough.

The range of the gun is average for a handgun. I used 2 types of bullets: Streamlines and Whistler darts.

The results are peculiar. Here is the data:

Streamers: PTG (Parallel to ground, zero degrees elevation) , 28 Ft.

Streamers: ATG (Angled to ground, thirty degrees elevation), 43 feet.

Whistlers: PTG, 31 Ft.

Whistlers: ATG, 42 Ft.

With that, my conclusions on range are, that the Whistlers seemed more effective at a shorter range than at a longer range.

The Streamers are more effective at a farther range, but only slightly better.

Overall, there was little difference between the dart types.

This gun holds less ammo than a maverick, but has slightly better range. It also has attachment capabilities.

The folding stock is a little less sturdy than a recon stock, It collapses nicely.

The barrel attachment has a wider barrel than most, so ranges with or without it don't change. It still improves accuracy, and results in less fishtails.


  1. my modded mav makes streamlines whistle :) lol. it shoots them far. 30 - 40 feet. sounds like the same for your spectre.